Light sensor

michael at michael at
Thu Nov 30 19:59:02 CET 2006

>>  You would want to base it on an probabilistic analysis in either case,
>>  else it might pick up car headlights swinging across the window, a
>>  neighbours security light being triggered by raccoons, etc.
>>  Oh wait, that wouldn't work... if you had the phone in the bedroom it
>>  would allow incoming calls if you were snoring.
> It almost sounds like we should make a plugin framework for availability
> detection, with plugins for the light sensor, PIM calendar, microphone (can
> we set an interrupt if the ADC receives a level greater than X?) and so on
> and so forth as people figure out other ways to detect it

Yes, plugin framework is a great idea. Perhaps someone will develop a quick
audio analysis filter that could tell the difference between snoring (don't
ring), office noise (ok to ring) and a baby's cry (don't ring).

Temperature sensor would be another sensor. Perhaps even moisture sensor? Be
alerted if you leave your Neo out in the rain or put it in the laundry.

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