Small evaluation, city: 4 Internet Cafes, 3 Copy Shops, 2 Photo services; university: 1 library , 1 computer room

michael at michael at
Thu Nov 30 20:25:20 CET 2006

> Hi,
>  any spare(ish) cycles you have I'd vote for using them to put up a
> basic community wiki - makes it easier for project ideas to get off the
> ground when there's a common source for information, not least with
> relation to the ability to upload design diagrams + status tracking.
> Yup - it could become an incoherent jumble, but as a stop-gap until the
> repositories/tracking are in place, it would be ideal.

I second the motion.

If Sean won't have the time for a while, does it make sense to stick up such a
wiki in some temporary space, e.g. at openmoko or something? Heck, I could
even host it on my home server if no one else wants to.


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