Light sensor

Ivan Lucas lists at
Thu Nov 30 23:34:15 CET 2006

On Thursday 30 November 2006 18:51, Jeff Andros wrote:
> It almost sounds like we should make a plugin framework for availability
> detection, with plugins for the light sensor, PIM calendar, microphone (can

Talking about using the Microphone as a sensor reminded me of an idea I had 
some time ago, I'm regularly in noisy places such as crowded railway stations 
or bars.  Wouldn't it be good if the neo1973 could check the ambient noise 
level before it started to ring, adjusting the ring tone volume to be heard 
over the background noise.  i.e. ring nice and quietly (or on vibrate) when 
I'm in a library, or ring at full volume when I'm in a noisy bar.


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