MokoMakefile make update forces Bitbake cache rebuild

Henryk Plötz henryk at
Mon Apr 2 05:09:51 CEST 2007


Am Mon, 02 Apr 2007 12:26:20 +0930 schrieb Rod Whitby:

> The openmoko-mirrors patch is one culprit.  We may even be able to
> remove that patch if the OM team has added the sources site as a
> premirror ...

This has been done in oe/conf/distro/openmoko.conf quite about a month

> The silence-retrieved-revisions patch is the other culprit.  This
> seemed to be debugging information that was output during the bbfile
> parsing. Perhaps mickeyl could add that patch permanently to the
> openmoko svn ...

This is informational output from the remote revision fetching.
Unfortunately that also happens while preparing the cache and I can see
why some might not like it. As this code is going to go away sometime
(soon, I hope) anyway I wouldn't object removing that output for now.

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