tomtom on the Neo1973

Georg Michelitsch gm_ail at
Mon Apr 2 10:46:06 CEST 2007

Just wanted to add that I'm interested in such a solution too, I'm 
willing to pay for the maps, but I don't like the idea of having some 
proprietary software on my phone, I would appreciate the solution of an 
opensource GPS Navigation Application in connection with the maps from 
Teleatlas, etc.
I just think that this is not really an easy project to realize it, in 
two ways, firstly its a question of money (If you develop an application 
you need to know the specifications of the map-formats so you need to 
buy them in order to develop). Secondly it seems to me that writing such 
an application wouldnt be quite easy in general, I bet there are not a 
lot of people being experienced in GPS programming (correct me if I'm 

But I don't want to take down your idea, as I said I would, in contrast, 
appreciate the solution!

Hans L wrote:
> Just wanted to say that I am another user that would be interested in 
> a commercial mapping application running on an OpenMoko device.  I 
> realize that mapping requires an enormous amount of effort.  
> OpenStreetMap is a noble effort, but one that I would consider in it's 
> infancy.  Maybe someday it could provide maps for the majority of the 
> inhabited landmasses on earth, but I don't think that is happening any 
> time soon.  Even if an open project was able to eventually map out the 
> majority of the world, I think it would continue to take a tremendous 
> effort to keep those maps up to date.  This is why I consider a 
> commercial service to be worth paying for.
> I haven't ever used a TomTom device myself, but like many such devices 
> TomTom does not make their own map data.  They ahve to buy their maps 
> from another provider (TeleAtlas).  There are a few major map 
> providers like this.  The other major one that i know of is Navteq 
> (provider for Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Garmin navigation devices, etc.)
> I'm wondering if it might be possible to have an open GPS navigation 
> application, which can optionally read its map data from copyrighted 
> data files(which the user would purchase) provided by these commercial 
> map companies.
> I guess it is a question of whether the map providers are willing to 
> cooperate and divulge the details of their file format to an open 
> source project, or alternatively converting their data into some open 
> format for use with such a project.
> -Hans Loeblich
> P.S. Sorry Patrick I accidentally replied only to you instead of the 
> mailing list on my first try.
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