tomtom on the Neo1973 at at
Mon Apr 2 18:39:23 CEST 2007

If I remember correctly the company of smart2go was bought by Nokia
last year.
So I don't think they will support other phones but Nokias in near


On Monday 02 April 2007 11:42:51 Attila Csipa wrote:
> On Monday 02 April 2007 08:13, Hans L wrote:
> > I guess it is a question of whether the map providers are willing to
> > cooperate and divulge the details of their file format to an open source
> > project, or alternatively converting their data into some open format for
> > use with such a project.
> In my experience this is highly unlikely. Their first thought would be
> content protection - and on OpenMoko you (should) have none. When they
> license data to software companies, it's easier, since they have NDA-s,
> contractual obligations, etc, but they would see no incentive to open up
> their formats. The income from end users buying open format data is
> minuscule compared to the possible damages from pirated data and/or lost
> bulk contracts from their point of view. And to reiterate a personal
> opinion about commercial software on OM - please do not change or put a
> minute of effort in OpenMoko to make commercial software run easier than
> any other software (unless you get a substantial donation :) - if a company
> is to make some money on OpenMoko users, let it at least pay it's own costs
> in full.

and what about smart2go ?


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