wifi chipsets

Christopher Friedt cfriedt at visible-assets.com
Mon Apr 2 15:40:42 CEST 2007

I was looking on the wiki just to see if any decision has been made on 
the Wifi chipsets to go into the next version of the openmoko.

Although I suggested the SyChip devices (admittedly only to have the 
chance to win a Neo), I should say a couple of things.

I do a lot of arm development, and my company has been using a usb 
version of the Zydas chip, and I have absolutely nothing but good things 
to say about it. It's incredibly reliable. I've had it connected to a G 
wireless network without any hiccups for weeks on end. I've built it and 
changed the source a bit myself, and have never encountered any issues.

Now that I read that it can act also as an access point, I would almost 
definitely say to choose that chipset. I say almost, because I haven't 
had any development experience myself with any of the other chips 
mentioned, except for the Ralink, and that I had some problems with.



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