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Ian Stirling openmoko at
Mon Apr 2 20:18:50 CEST 2007

Andrew Turner wrote:
> On 4/2/07, adrian cockcroft <adrian.cockcroft at> wrote:
>> I'm happy with the capabilities of Google maps, except that it doesn't
>> know where I am....

> The UK Ordnance Survey - national mapping agency - is incorporating
> their data into OSM, and also taking ownership of the OSM data and
> resources in order to better incorporate their efforts. What this
> means is that OSM will get very high-quality, very quickly. At least
> in the UK. The US-OSM is already bringing in the free Tiger/Census map
> data that most US maps are built on.

Please note the date.

The tiger data has major problems AIUI.
Recently - last couple of weeks - there was an interview with the 
director of Ordinance Survey, and someone from OSM.
They were basically in agreement, stating that as currently chartered, 
OS gets its money from selling data. It is not government funded.
For it to give data away freely, it would have to be funded.

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