tomtom on the Neo1973

Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at
Mon Apr 2 20:34:07 CEST 2007

Andrew Turner wrote:
> Caching googlemaps tiles, and not through their client, is a violation
> of their Terms of Service.  Same for all the other providers. 

Here's an interesting question.  What if you constantly logged your 
position (while driving).  Then when you got back home, you could upload 
all of your data back to your desktop.  Would it be legal to have a 
script analyze that data, and make "suggestions" from public sources (ie 
google maps, mapquest, etc) as to what roads you traveled.  Once you 
verified that information it could automatically upload back into 
OpenStreetMaps (OSM)?  Basically just reducing some of the time/effort 
required to upload information into OSM.

Better description: the script would break down each segment of your 
trip (like a turn by turn breakdown) and give a list of possible street 
names.  You pick the best one (or write in the correct one) for each 
segment, then click finish and it handles the formatting of the data and 
the uploading.

I'm not against paying money for tomtom software.  But if I could just 
make my normal usage patterns translate into more information being 
uploaded into OSM, then it could eventually help make it a viable 
alternative (which right now it is not).  Bottom line, I'd be willing to 
contribute a marginal amount of effort, but not much more than 
that...and I'd be willing to bet that there are many others that would 
do a little here and a little there but who wouldn't do it if it was 
difficult/time consuming.

FYI, I have no idea how the OSM upload process works.  So if it IS 
really easy, then nevermind.  If it isn't easy.  Does this sound like a 
good idea (and is it legal)?

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