tomtom on the Neo1973

Hans L thehans at
Tue Apr 3 01:59:27 CEST 2007

On 4/2/07, Andrew Turner <ajturner at> wrote:
> ...
> Right, but the bigger question is if Google wanted to develop &
> support their GmapsMobile for OpenMoko. This will be difficult.

I think this is a common misconception.  Google Maps Mobile runs on
Java(J2ME), so as long as the phone can support that, it should be
able to run.

But again, as was mentioned earlier, it does not cache tiles, and
requires GPRS connection for every use.  I have Gmaps Mobile on my
current phone, and it is a decent application if you have an unlimited
data plan.  Also AFAIK, it does not integrate with GPS at all.  I'm
not sure though because my phone does not have GPS.

- Hans Loeblich

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