Robert Michel openmoko at
Tue Apr 3 20:43:35 CEST 2007

Salve adrian,*!

*very* interesting thoughts... :)

On Tue, 03 Apr 2007, adrian cockcroft wrote:

> Two more thoughts...
> If you hold down one finger and tap the other one, the mouse pops over
> and back again. 

When you move this second finger the mouse/curser pops over and
move like your second finger. So the second finger can do something
like rotating around the first, or encrease or lower the distance
to the first = rotating and zoom for a map?

Jumping back is not very accurate, but when we have a special driver,
it could jump back to the x,y coordinates of the first finger.

> We may be able to set the sensitivity and sampling rate much higher
> than normal to support a more advanced algorithm.

Whats about doing a "virtual" calibration when on finger is on the
touchscreen? When changing of the touchscreen data is very small
(to this calibrated state) then discard the "virtual" state - when
the changing is over some level, then work with the virtual one
with positioning the second finger.

But when I move also my first finger (at my laptop touchpad) there
is no poping back.... So it will no real multitouch - first finger
position has to be handelt as fix - or?

Other idea would be that a double touch on one position (p1) followed
by a single touch on a different place p2 with a minimum distance from
p1 inbeween e.g. 1 second, will handel p1 as fixpoint.


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