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Tue Apr 3 21:49:09 CEST 2007

On 4/3/07, mathew davis <someoneinjapan at> wrote:
> > To test this, we could capture and share some raw (time,x,y) event
> > streams from a touch screen, and try processing them offline. Then we
> > don't need actual hardware (a spreadsheet is may even be good enough)
> > to figure out algorithms.
> I agree I think this would be very benificial.  This would give us a
> little more to chew on then speculation.  Then we could use numbers instead
> of ambigious scenarious.  Do you have some raw (time,x,y) event stream
> data?  I would be very interested in looking at it.  If not then who would
> have it?  Or I guess I should say who would be willing to do that?
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