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Tue Apr 3 22:29:22 CEST 2007

Yaaaay ! We may have found something that's 100% compatible with the

Let's do it this way:
- this socalled "first touch" can be done on the mokowheel itself: put your
left thumb on the black area; there you enter "fake multitouchscreen mode"
- keeping this finger in the black circle, touch another place of the screen
: the cursor moves (not instantly if what we guessed is true) at a
*constant* speed; or it "warps", if it's implementation-dependant (is
suspect the low level driver to report point A -> point B as a jump)
- if we can calculate the speed of the cursor every moment, we can identify
a "down left"+second finger; either way we can detect warping
- afterwards,
     * slide your righthand finger down, it scrolls up
     * slide your righthand finger up, it scrolls down
     * slide it left, next page/item
     * slide it right, previous page/item
     * do a circle: rotation
     * narrow towards the black circle: zoom -
     * go away: zoom +
- when you leave the black circle, it's out of finger operational mode

What's really great about it, is when you're looking at a map, you can
rotate and zoom at the same time.

The ownly downside is that we MUST use both hands (or put the device on a

I'm gonna do mockups...

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