Choice of scripting langage: towards Web2.0?

Andrew Turner ajturner at
Wed Apr 4 15:53:33 CEST 2007

For a dynamic scripting language that would be best served to consume
web resources and already tie into a big development community there
are two primary choices: Python and Ruby.

Python has had incredible support and impact on Nokia mobiles with
Py60 (see Nokia's Py60 extensions to device access:, and Maemo
(N800) Python/Hildon bindings for building 'native' applications.

Ruby has a growing community, but hasn't yet gotten good support on
mobile devices. There are some potential projects for building Ruby
bindings on Maemo that will be very useful. So could look at it either
that Ruby doesn't have a big mobile community contingent so why
bother, or that the community really *wants* a Ruby mobile so would
jump on the chance.

Both languages have excellent networking libraries/frameworks, so this
really isn't a concern.

Really, both languages could be supported in tandem and in fact build
on one another's work/efforts. And you wouldn't really be dividing
effort since the two communities are both strong in their own right,
and so would support their framework.


On 4/4/07, Florent THIERY <fthiery at> wrote:
> What would be the best platform for using web 2.0 APIs? There are
> interesting web 2.0 services, almost all offering free-to-use APIs
> (, such as the recent netvibes
> crossplatform widget API or Imity, who
> recently released an open source phone client.
> Imity uses your mobile phone (bluetooth) to sense people around you,
> people that are members of the same social networks as you.
> What's interesting about it is that it's not restricted to one social
> network, but to other ones too (ex: flickr). And it works offline too
> .
> "Imity will support integration with partners through dynamic objects.
> Imity objects will allow social networks of any kind to use Imity as a
> platform for physical real-life support of their web application."
> I'd be happy to do the same with neighbours in real life... Or
> any friend-based network: "oh you know my friend *** ?"
> We should take a second look at the python twisted networking
> framework: the twistedmatrix projects allow easy use of ssh, sftp,
> http client/server, smtp, imap, pop, dns, nntp, IM client/servers
> (OSCAR (AIM and ICQ), IRC, MSN, TOC (AIM), jabber).
> Maybe this could help in the scripting language decision.
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