Tim Newsom cephdon at
Fri Apr 6 19:31:47 CEST 2007

On Fri, 6 Apr 2007 9:41, Martin Raißle wrote:
>> Is it possible to turn delivery reports off?
>> --Tim
> I think it's not .. at least not for the receiver of a message ...
> martin

That seems weird... Even in email you can turn off read receipts... It 
seems like an invasion of sort (though a minor one) to not allow 
disabling of delivery reports for the receiving party.

If the sending party can enable it and the receivers phone automatically 
responds, then you can always know when someones phone is turned 

Does the sms message system work while the phone is in call mode? Does 
that require multiplex code also like the gprs while on a call does?
If it doesn't work while calling, you can always find out when someone 
is done talking on the phone / is available to talk (assuming they are 
at the phone) by sending an sms with delivery report first... Right?

Seems like there should be some kind of control message that could be 
sent over the serial port via 'AT' commands which would enable and 
disable this.

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