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Schrieb Jonathon Suggs <jsuggs at>:

> Tim Newsom wrote:
> > That seems weird... Even in email you can turn off read receipts... It 
> > seems like an invasion of sort (though a minor one) to not allow 
> > disabling of delivery reports for the receiving party.
> >
> > If the sending party can enable it and the receivers phone 
> > automatically responds, then you can always know when someones phone 
> > is turned on/available.
> >
> > Does the sms message system work while the phone is in call mode? Does 
> > that require multiplex code also like the gprs while on a call does?
> > If it doesn't work while calling, you can always find out when someone 
> > is done talking on the phone / is available to talk (assuming they are 
> > at the phone) by sending an sms with delivery report first... Right?
> >
> > Seems like there should be some kind of control message that could be 
> > sent over the serial port via 'AT' commands which would enable and 
> > disable this.
> > --Tim 
> Ok, I'll be honest that I have no proof that this is how it actually 
> works, but I don't think it works the way you are saying it does.  
> Again, not 100% positive, but the "receipt" that you receive is only a 
> message that it has been successfully transfered to the carrier.  The 
> carrier will then try to push the SMS to the recipient whenever they 
> become available.  So there are two discreet actions.  1) Transfer from 
> sender to carrier 2) Transfer from carrier to destination.
> Rather than get all worried about big brother, just do a simple test.  
> Turn off a phone and send a text message to it.  See if you get a 
> receipt.  If you do, then I'm right.  If you don't get a receipt until 
> the phone you sent a text message to is turned back on THEN commence the 
> meetings of the tin foil hat club.
> -Jonathon

I did this kind of test several times. I'm afraid you are wrong...
You will first get a receipt explaining that the message is "waiting" then, 
when the phone you sent the message to is turned on, you will get another receipt ("delivered" status).

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