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This isn't entirely a restriction set by Google, but by the
originating data providers such as NavTeq or Teleatlas. They have
licensed the data to Google to use through their API. This restricts
third parties from them storing & reusing this data in their own way.

Yahoo recently put down uses like this in other open-projects.

In the end, just don't do it. Their are other alternatives (trying to
run Gmaps mobile, OpenStreetMap, other data sources, appealing to GPS
Map vendors).

On 4/4/07, thomas.cooksey at <thomas.cooksey at> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've read through several threads on this list, and others, which
> discuss the use of Google Maps for mobiles. It has been mentioned
> several times that Google doesn't allow map tiles to be cached. I've
> read through the Google Maps API "Terms of Use" and I can't seem to find
> any mention of caching being prohibited. Could someone please point me
> to the relevant section please?
> I find it a little odd that Google doesn't allow caching of map tiles as
> they are quite large and I can imagine Google's server & bandwidth costs
> are huge if every tile is fetched directly without going through a
> caching http proxy.
> My train of thought is going along the lines of running squid or similar
> on the actual phone...
> Cheers,
> Tom
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