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Sat Apr 7 20:54:28 CEST 2007

* Christ van Willegen <cvwillegen at> [070407 16:24]:
> Hi,
> On 4/6/07, Andreas Kostyrka <andreas at> wrote:
> >Well, there is only one way on standard GSM modules to disable SMS
> >delivery to the phone: When the SIM card SMS slots are filled up. All
> >phones/modules I've programmed always receive SMS via these storage
> >slots on the SIM. So I guess filling up these slots would disable SMS
> >receiving?
> If that happens, my phone tells me that the SMS memory is full, and I
> need to delete SMS messages in order to receive the one it was told
> about... So, I guess the network _does_ tell the telephone that an SMS
> message is waiting. Perhaps this could be used to 'refuse' text
> messages?
Yes and no. You can refuse it this way (I suggested that above), but
you cannot selectivly refuse just some of the SMS.

Furthermore to make it worse, the Neo has a encapsulated GSM module.
Don't think we'll be able to change to much of the standard GSM
behaviour (btw, that's by design so, and the reason why we have a
standalone GSM module *g*).


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