call for testers: MokoList, a pilot-db clone.

Bryan Larsen bryanlarsen at
Tue Apr 10 02:25:21 CEST 2007

One of the most useful apps on my Palm Pilot is 
[ Pilot-DB].  I figured it would be a 
good "first app" to get my feet wet programming for OpenMoko.  I've got 
a first pass at it, and am looking for alpha testers: if you have used 
[ Pilot-DB] or any similar application, 
have databases in a format supported by 
[ palm-db-tools] (i.e. 
pilot-DB 0.3.x, pilot-DB 0.2.x, MobileDB, List or JFile 3) please 
contact me.

Right now it's just a plain GTK desktop app.  At this stage anything 
else would be silly.  So alpha testers would also need a Linux computer 
or enough patience to recompile a GTK app on whatever desktop they're 


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