Canada OpenMoko

Chris Fazekas cfazekas at
Tue Apr 10 09:07:07 CEST 2007

Hey all,

I'm Chris, resident of Calgary, Alberta Canada.  I'm a Linux geek, I
confess.  I currently work for some big oil and gas companies as a
Linux systems administrator, and Backup & Storage admin.  I have some
experience kernel hacking.  I use Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, and OSX.
My diploma says that I'm a "computer programmer" but I'm positive its
all a big farce and a conspiracy.

I would love to get involved with the project.  My main area's of
interest are general hacking, application porting, and eventually
SIP/AIX (Asterisk) integration (w/802.11).  I'm interested to know
what hardware I should gather to start?  I saw OpenMoko on a Motorola
Phone in some of your pictures, what model is it, is it worth trying
to hack?  I'll definitely pick up a development kit once they are
available.  Until then, I'll read over the wiki and attempt to setup a
development environment in a VM on my MacBook.


Chris Fazekas

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