[News] Dash, the internet-connected gps

Johan Prinsloo johan.a.prinsloo at gmail.com
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You don't need mapping data for speed limits. If a group of users share
their data at a central server we can deduce the speed limit from past data.
The server can learn which suggested alternative routes are the most
effective for given traffic conditions. The server will know in real time
what the traffic conditions are on many routes. This would be incredibly
powerful when these devices become widespread and we form community servers
for traffic information.
We probably need to define open interfaces for this kind of server. The
server algorithms would be very interesting.


PS: hopefully the LA server will tell everyone to give up and stay home so I
can move around.

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Yep, coding easy to do however issues are-

Mapping of roads and associated speed limits, almost non existent in the
commercial space let alone in the open source space.

Penetration, with only a few thousand Neo's in the USA by the end of 07
(if that) and maybe 20-30,000 by the end of 08 there will not be enough
penetration to deliver the accuracy you need.

It's a good idea but as we come closer to the commercial launch I think
it's time for us to get a little more realistic about what is and isn't
possible (at least in the first 3-5 years).

Put it into your ideas drawer and bring it out later (or go and code a
blackberry/windows mobile 5/symbian alternative to get the numbers you

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