Openkapow, netvibes api: easy mashups; openmoko dashboard?

Florent THIERY fthiery at
Thu Apr 12 17:30:02 CEST 2007


Note: this is not a feature request, just a discussion topic about
integrating web mashups on openmoko someday, or never.

********* Openkapow
Using , we may have a very easy and useful tool
for graphically developing mobile-oriented mashups (win & linux client
available). After designing the mashup, you publish it.

There are 3 types of "robots":
* RSS robots: they output results in an RSS field (1.0, 2.0, Atom)
* REST robots: output XML, JSON, CSV, HTML or XHTML
* clip robots: outputs an html page

You call the robots using simple urls like

Please tell me if i'm wrong, but in order to use these mashups on an
openmoko phone, we'd need:
* for html: a good webbrowser (dillo ?)
* for RSS, XML, Json ... a web-oriented scripting language (python? ), with gtk+/glade bindings;

Of course, GPS-enabled mashups (GPS to geocoord wrapper ) would be
very insteresting...
Example of geographical context based mashup:

See the FAQ if interested

*********** Netvibes api
Another interesting API: the netvibes api is a "universal" widget api
They developed an Apple Dashboard widget, that can embed any UWA
widget, see the screencast:
They planned support for other platforms.

It would be interesting to have the same widgets on your phone,
desktop and netvibes/google homepage. The form factor of widgets is
suitable to an embedded device...

*********** There is a list of mobile-oriented mashups too:

All this to say that some sort of net-enabled openmoko widget/app
class may allow easy integration of web mashups into openmoko. Doing
webmail-checking apps, meteo displaying etc...

* any plans yet for an openmoko dashboard (local - ex: detailed batt
usage, detailed GSM informations - & web)?
* what do you think of web mashups on mobiles?
* any feedback about openkapow already?


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