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Eric Heinemann e_heinemann at
Thu Apr 12 22:16:32 CEST 2007

Ok, I have been having power supply issues with my desktop where the VM resides.  A new power supply is on its way, but will not be here until next week.  I do not want to make anybody wait that long, so I am recreating the image on one of my laptops.  I hope to have it ready for download to a few people soon.  Once it is confirmed working by a few people, then I will attempt to find a way to make a torrent (never done it before) and host it on my server.

Thanks for the patience,


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I would defiantly be interested. A VMware image would be great!
I haven't been able to set up a build environment. I don't have much time to search for all the right packages, so I eventually gave up.
But with a ready made image we could all start experimenting with OpenMoko. 

A .torrent would indeed be the best option, I guess.



>I'm interested in this as well.
>On Tue, 10 Apr 2007, Chris Fazekas wrote:

>> Can you post it as a torrent?  That way I can start downloading it
>> tonight and in-turn share it out?
>> On 4/10/07, Eric Heinemann <e_heinemann at> wrote:
>>>  Depending on my server bandwidth limit, I may post my VM using Ubuntu
>>>  setup
>>>  for Openmoko building.  Let me know if anyone is interested in this.

>>>  Thanks,
>>>  Eric
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>>>  Hi Nikolaus, et. all.
>>>  I may not first try to setup a build envrionment natively on OSX but

>>>  it's something I'm interested in trying.
>>>  I think my first goal is going to be creating a VMware image of a
>>>  distribution (Debian or CentOS at this point, maybe both) with the

>>>  development environment pre-installed.  This way myself and others can
>>>  get going quickly (with VMware Player for Windows and Linux for now).
>>>  I'll then upload the VM image somewhere after, maybe a .torrent or it

>>>  can go on the openmoko ftp server?
>>>  Additionally I'll look at creating a Parallels image for OSX, but as
>>>  Parallels cost's money, I'll also look at setting up a build

>>>  envrionment natively in OSX, perhaps wrapped inside .img file... time
>>>  will tell.
>>>  First priority, is to just get a development environment setup in a VMware

>>>  VM.
>>>  Cheers,
>>>  Chris
>>>  On 4/10/07, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at
> wrote:
>>> > >  available.  Until then, I'll read over the wiki and attempt to setup a
>>> > >  development environment in a VM on my MacBook.
>>> > 
>>> >  Please write a description how that really works!

>>> > 
>>> >  I am working to make a setup ("MacOE") on native MacOS X but failed
>>> >  so far.
>>> > 
>>> >  Nikolaus
>>> > 

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