OpenMoko light web server

Tim Newsom cephdon at
Tue Apr 17 15:39:51 CEST 2007

On Tue, 17 Apr 2007 3:54, Alexander E Genaud wrote:
> Tim,
> I believe Microsoft created the non-standard XMLHttpRequest object
> through Active X around IE 5 but it has become something of a standard
> implemented by Firefox, Safari/Konquerer, Opera, and perhaps others.
> I've been using a nice wrapper, Sarissa, successfully for a few years
> in many environments.
> I believe the asynchronous flag is implemented in those major
> browsers. Alternatively, you can create an HttpConnection "class" with
> it's own timeout, abort, polling (4K), threading, etc. While the
> details are different across browsers, it seems that threads never
> context switches unless explicitly asked to do so (such as Timeouts
> and alert dialogs). In other words, a "ring" might come in, but if you
> are calculating the Fibonacci numbers to the umpteenth power, the
> "ring" thread probably won't alert you in good time. I believe that is
> true regardless of the async flag.
> Alex


Hmm, that's interesting... It seems like a poor implementation if you 
can't guarantee that the event will fire asynchronously.  Why offer it 
at all?  Strange.


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