0K Re: OpenMoko light web server

Matthew S. Hamrick mhamrick at cryptonomicon.net
Tue Apr 17 23:44:20 CEST 2007

No. we're talking about BOA for the server and Firefox for the  
browser. And... I'm also thinking about exporting an interface off  
the device, so it might wind up being Firefox, Opera, Safari/WebKit  
or IE.

On Apr 17, 2007, at 2:24 PM, Jonathon Suggs wrote:

>> I wonder if there would be an advantage in embedding the server in  
>> the
>> browser or vise versa. Then the whole issue of polling localhost  
>> would
>> be moot.
>> Alex
> Something else to consider (again) is that we are talking about an  
> embedded device.  So the javascript implementation/engine may or  
> may not be as robust as a desktop equivalent.  What browser and/or  
> webserver are we talking about having on the device?
> We *probably* aren't talking about Firefox and Apache (or dare I  
> say IE and IIS)...which is *probably* what most people are used to  
> developing with.  So just because we are talking about using HTML  
> and browsers as a common platform, doesn't mean that it is going to  
> be exactly the same.  Not trying to burst anyone's bubble, but just  
> giving a little reality check.
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