[SVHMPC] 0K Re: OpenMoko light web server

Florent THIERY fthiery at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 10:33:47 CEST 2007

> I'm still on the widget driven
> GUI concept.  Having a single common rendering approach using HTML/Widgets
> would provide some interesting advantages.

Not only on the graphical coherence, but also on the novel
mixed/hybrid uses that will be feasible (semi web/local). Why not
considering a phone's GUI as a "mosaïc" of widgets? Little apps for
little devices...

Nokia took the opposite position : www.widsets.com It needs java, and
is specific.

Don't you believe that native OSX/netvibes/googlehomepage widget
support will be a killer app for openmoko? I may be quite stupid, but
i sometimes wonder if choosing a technology should be driven by an
already existing and flourishing content ecosystem. There are more
than 1000 OSX widgets, > 700 netvibes... All having a particular

For non-believers, there's jackfield that already offers limited OS
widget support:

About the web/javascript core engine, everybody seems to go webkit
(iphone, nokia S60, OSX dashboard...). Let's wish success to the
webkit google code project!

You wouln't often want to go online on mobility situations (i mean,
real webbrowsing), but checking your news or searching places you
already know can be very useful. And that's exactly what web widgets

This file is an OSX Dashboard-compatible widget, allowing to embedd
any netvibes ecosystem's element; which contains (as of today): 743
modules, 84000 rss. All in a handeld form factor compatibility

The same type of architecture (web widget in a widget) could save lots
of time: no need to develop a dedicated rss reader, or small handy
modules (weather, games,  finance, wikipedia....).

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