built-in scripting languages.

Jim Thompson jim at netgate.com
Wed Apr 18 14:38:38 CEST 2007

On Apr 18, 2007, at 1:44 AM, Dmitri Hrapof wrote:

> Jamie Allsop пишет:
>> Yes this page is very good. One thing you might want to note also  
>> is that there is a nice C++ binding for Python in boost  
>> <www.boost.org>. Please don't infer from this that I am a big  
>> Python fan, most of my scripting to date has been with Perl,  
>> however I do see Python as being a language that could be more  
>> generally useful as a default.
> Once upon a time there was a nice idea to make Scheme the default  
> scripting language for the GNU project. (And it even worked in Gimp :)
Yes, unfortunately it was still Scheme.

> Today I suddenly realized I had been wasting my time by not  
> "porting" some Common Lisp implementation to OpenMoko. :)
Yes, you are.  Get to work!  :-)
> I was waiting for the hardware, but I could use an emulator! Am I  
> correct?
> Will a working clisp or say, gambit scheme influence the choice of  
> default scripting language? :)

Unlikely, but I would use it.

You don't want a "scripting language", you want a language that makes  
it possible to build domain-specific languages.


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