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Browsing the wiki, I found that the picture viewer was to be a stylus
Viewing photos is something you do together, making it very unpractical to
do with a stylus.

I think it should be a combination of both stylus and finger.
Managing and looking for a specific dir should be done with a stylus.
Here the approach should be like with the RSS-reader. At the top a list of
photos in your current directory, at the bottom a preview.

Then you should be able to switch to either slide show or full screen-mode.
Both are the same, with the exception of course that the slide show switches
the photo's automatically (and will rotate them so that the most amount of
screen space is used)
In full screen or slide show mode, if you then press the screen, 5 controls
will appear:
- scroll-wheel - Either for zooming or switching between the photos
- button to switch to either zoom or next-prev-picture mode
- button to rotate the picture 90 dec clockwise
- button to remove the on screen controls again. (so that you will only see
the picture, until you press the screen again)
- a button to go back to stylus mode

here are two mock ups, note that the left most button will change from zoom
-> switch mode.

Kind regards,

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