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Sound pretty good, but I change a couple things from what you describe.  For
zooming and panning, don't do just the center tap thing.  (For one thing,
panning doesn't make sense until you're zoomed in).  I'd like to be able to
do most things without menus or buttons, just learned interaction.

To Zoom, double-tap an area, that should cause the picture to zoom and
center to where you tapped.  Once zoomed in, just drag your finger to pan
around.  Zoom mode would probably have a few levels, so double-tap again
zooms more.  In zoom more, there could be either an escape button somewhere,
or there could be a miniature display of the full pic, with a box to show
the viewable area, and tapping on that display restores the full view.

The reason I'm suggesting double tapping is so that you can still have
single taps for going to the next and previous picture on the left/top and
right/bottom, as well as pulling up a context menu for center taps.  That
context menu may still include zoom levels, but would have other options
also, like sending the pic to someone else, copying, deleting, etc.


On 4/19/07, Ortwin Regel <ortwin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dragging motions to the left/right could display the next/last
> picture. Maybe even better: Only require a single touch at the left or
> right side of the screen. Makes the screen last longer and is faster.
> Left and right would be two sides each because the phone could be held
> upwards and sideways, possibly depending on the individual picture.
> I like the idea that a single touch (in the middle of the screen, if
> the rim is used for picture switching) makes on screen controls
> appear. However, we should think a little more about placement and
> uses. I think they shouldn't necessarily be at the side of the screen.
> In fact there should be two prominent ones in the middle of the
> picture: One for starting a zooming motion, one for dragging the
> visible area around. You have to start at the buttom but can use the
> whole screen after that. The button symbols would have to be
> recognizable equally from both directions. Since they are in the
> middle of the screen they should probably be transparent to not appear
> as obtrusive. For rotating the standard corner wheel can be used,
> though it should be transparent, too. The lower right hand corner
> (this refers to holding the phone vertically) could then have the
> button for switching off the controls, the upper left hand corner the
> escape from slideshow button, both diagonally orientated as to be
> readable equally from both views.
> The message of the controls should be: This is a handheld device! It
> doesn't have to rotate pictures for you. Instead you can rotate the
> device and enjoy the benefit of using more screen space.
> The diagonal orientation might make sense for other applications and
> I'd love to see it used.
> If you need a mock up to understand this, tell me and I can make one.
> It will look crappy, though.
> Ortwin
> On 4/19/07, Frank Coenen <franknstein666 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hay,
> >
> > Browsing the wiki, I found that the picture viewer was to be a stylus
> > application.
> > Viewing photos is something you do together, making it very unpractical
> to
> > do with a stylus.
> >
> > I think it should be a combination of both stylus and finger.
> > Managing and looking for a specific dir should be done with a stylus.
> > Here the approach should be like with the RSS-reader. At the top a list
> of
> > photos in your current directory, at the bottom a preview.
> >
> > Then you should be able to switch to either slide show or full
> screen-mode.
> > Both are the same, with the exception of course that the slide show
> switches
> > the photo's automatically (and will rotate them so that the most amount
> of
> > screen space is used)
> > In full screen or slide show mode, if you then press the screen, 5
> controls
> > will appear:
> > - scroll-wheel - Either for zooming or switching between the photos
> > - button to switch to either zoom or next-prev-picture mode
> > - button to rotate the picture 90 dec clockwise
> > - button to remove the on screen controls again. (so that you will only
> see
> > the picture, until you press the screen again)
> > - a button to go back to stylus mode
> >
> > here are two mock ups, note that the left most button will change from
> zoom
> > -> switch mode.
> >
> http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w29/baldr_OM/photo_viewer_zoom_mode.png
> >
> http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w29/baldr_OM/photo_viewer_slideshow_mode.png
> >
> > Kind regards,
> >
> > Frank
> >
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