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Karsten Ensinger karsten.at.openmoko at onlinehome.de
Sat Apr 21 08:44:27 CEST 2007

Why is eveyone trying to fit everything into one use case?
It will be really hard to remember every special move to
get a specific feature working.

Why not introduce a "command mode" one can reach with the
same "move" and then "entering" a letter to get a special
mode where every "move" is manipulating the "item" in a
comparable manner.
To be more specific (the chosen taps and letters are just
for example):
Whenever the user does a double tap, he enters command mode
signalized in the status bar.
Then he uses his finger to "write" a letter "Z" (means:
moving the finger horizontally to the right, diagonally from
the end of the horizontally move down to the left and again
horizontally to the right) to enter zoom mode.
Now every move downwards zooms in and every move upwards
zooms out.
Another example would be letter "M" for moving. Every drag
would then mean to move the underlying item.
Letter "B" for browsing. Moving rigth and left means forward
and backwards one item. Moving up means "a page" forward,
moving down "a page" backwards. Of course the user has the
ability to determine the amount of items for "a page".
Several other modes could be possible, just use your

Of course it's not as fast as having all commands/possibilities
concurrently, because one has to change command modes. But
I think it's more intuitive to learn one mode by a time than
to wonder what happened when you mix several manipulation modes
by accident due to making a "wrong" move.
To remember a single move for changing into command mode and
several letters for the specific modes is easy. Within a mode,
using the moves should be intuitive enough to get learned by
doing within seconds. Especially when you use opposed moves for
doing one thing and reverting the result.
Another advantage would be, that one is not forced to use more
than one finger at the same time.


Ortwin Regel wrote:
> Interesting... However, what about zooming out again? Also this would
> take too much time while possibly being too fast for my grandparents.
> Holding the second tap is a bad idea but dragging it around might be a
> good one. All in all, how about this:
> drag finger --> drag viewable area
> tap, then tap again, hold and drag --> zoom in and out
> tap sides --> change to next/last picture (can be changed to requiring
> double tap in config)
> What is missing? The gesture that brings up the on slideshow menu
> where you can escape from the slideshow, rotate the picture, jump to
> first/last with simple buttons. The only reasonable thing I can think
> of is a double tap in the center of the screen. What to use the wheel
> for in that menu? Scrolling through pictures quickly, of course!
> Ortwin
> On 4/20/07, Steven Milburn <steven.milburn at gmail.com> wrote:
>> If  you want smooth scrolling, how about this mod to what I said earlier:
>> On the double-tap to center-and-zoom, hold the the second tap.  The pic
>> slowly (human speed) zooms and centers to where you're touching.  When
>> you've zoomed in enough, lift the finger.  This would be similar to 
>> the way
>> CTRL-wheel on Adobe pdf's zooms and centers.
>> --Steve
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