Handwriting recognition (HWR)

dougp at ispinn.com dougp at ispinn.com
Sun Apr 22 16:50:42 CEST 2007

What's the consensus on enabling and installing true handwriting
recognition (HWR) on the Neo? Will there be a stylus application or
utility or API that will process HWR?

Though the original models were buggy, the final versions of Apple's
Newton 2100 are believed by many (at newtontalk.net) to be
second-to-none in their ability to perform HWR.

Much of the work has already been done. One developer has written an
emulator for it to run on a *NIX platform.

I'd love to see it revived, because it works.

One of my primary intents with this email is to get the right people
(this community) in touch with the right people (the newtontalk
community). The other is to ping the community on HWR.

(/|\) Peace,

Doug Parker
Orlando FL

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