Richard Stallmans standpoint about openmoko

Ian Stirling openmoko at
Tue Apr 24 15:29:46 CEST 2007

t3st3r wrote:
> Simon Norberg wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I mailed Richard Stallman a while ago regarding a few things including 
>> what he thought about openmoko and his answer was:
>> I could endorse it if they get rid of the plan to use non-free
>> software for the GPS.
>> I don't think the answer surprise anyone, but atleast we know for sure 
>> now. And i really hope we can replace the non-free GPS software as 
>> soon as possible or atleast before the public release.
>> Regards
>> Simon Norberg
> As for me, I'm have to ask few "unfair" questions.
> 1) Why there should be some closed-source daemon which does some unknown 
> things?And why should I trust it, if I have no idea what it does?
> 2) As I understand, to fully use features of AGPS I should send some 
> data to some server over network, without really having any idea what

Basically - the worst cases, no.

You can completely ignore AGPS - it isn't needed unless you need a fast 
position within a couple of minutes of the phone being off in a drawer 
for months.
If you're using the phone normally, then you never need to download any 
assistance data at all.

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