Widgets: Openmoko/Chumby transproject?

t3st3r t3st3r at mail.ru
Tue Apr 24 21:23:29 CEST 2007

Florent THIERY wrote:

Disclaimer: in no way I'm any official or whatever - I'm just a 
subscriber of this list like you.All following thing is just a my own 
private opinition.Other recipients or officials may feel this in 
slightly another way.
> As we can see, the neo and the chumby have a lot in common, be it
> ideas, hardware specs or even leaders ;)
> Yes, it uses flash7 for widgets. Which has'nt even been considered in
> the openmoko case... But what if the two projects shared the widget
> aspect?
If you're about Macromedia Flash (er, now Adobe), isn't it closed 
source?There is already some Linux phones where only kernel and a very 
small amount of user-space things are open and remaining components are 
proprietary.Then, why there is need to have one more phone where only 
kernel is open and everything else is closed-source?Also while flash 
player is proprietary, I also see no any good opensource tools to create 
flash animations as well.And well, flash is never fast - due to it's 
nature it is very CPU-intensive.I'm already had "fun" with Siemens 
mobile phone with awfully slow Java-based menu.It was so slow and 
sluggish that users are now hacking this proprietary device to allow 
developer mode and use native-code menu which is much faster.It is real 
pain in the ass to use such devices and wait for device's reaction after 
each action.IMHO UI (or should I better say, MMI?) is good when machine 
waits for human actions.Not when human waits for machine's action to 
complete after each click.
> http://www.chumby.com/widgets/channels
This link unfortunately requires me to login to get it working. I hope 
this is not a site advertising?
> The two products could share:
> * embedded experience
> * the content ecosystem
> * the display platform (flash) and tools
> I'm not saying "i want this". But: "why not"?
I'm stated my point of view.Personally, I will never buy "open" phone 
where UI toolkit is heavily based on closed source thing and requiring 
me to buy proprietary Adobe app to create\change UI parts.That's hardly 
in open source spirit.Also, flash based UIs I seen while looking good 
are quite slow and jerky even on powerful (and power consuming) desktop 
machines so they're hardly usable.Of course this is my own private 
opinition and it is safe to ignore it.

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