Widgets: Openmoko/Chumby transproject?

Florent THIERY fthiery at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 10:56:00 CEST 2007

> If you're about Macromedia Flash (er, now Adobe), isn't it closed
> source?

The neo has a closed source real time OS running the GSM part...
As for flash, you do have tools : see http://osflash.org/projects

Of course you won't have heavy Flash 9 with supercowpowers, but it's
way enough for widgets...

>And well, flash is never fast - due to it's
> nature it is very CPU-intensive.

Do you really need power for displaying a digg feed? Check out the
chumby's examples, they really show simple yet efficient gadgets (ok,
these two words don't go along :p)...

> This link unfortunately requires me to login to get it working. I hope
> this is not a site advertising?

I registered. And after registration, you can download the Linux
source, download the hardware blueprints, etc... I'm 80% sure that
lots of people following this list kept an eye on it too.

> I'm stated my point of view.Personally, I will never buy "open" phone
> where UI toolkit is heavily based on closed source thing and requiring
> me to buy proprietary Adobe app to create\change UI parts.

Hey, calm down :) I didn't speak of a flash UI, but using flash as
webwidget display engine. I'm sure that the chumby's guys didn't do
the choice without thinking of these consequences...

>That's hardly
> in open source spirit.

Ok, they chose a non-OSS-spirit technology, but what's the open source
flash counterpart again? Animated SVG ? Or, AJAX+DHTML requiring a
webcore port... Yeah.

> Of course this is my own private
> opinition and it is safe to ignore it.

This goes for me too :)


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