Audio Jack 2.5 mm

t3st3r t3st3r at
Wed Apr 25 11:21:05 CEST 2007

Vladimi'r Lapa'c(ek wrote:
> Interesting thing to consider is how many people would like to use the
> headset and how many would it use for playing music. 
Wired connection usually preferred by those who listens to music.Others 
are often using bluetooth since it is more convenient (no wires).Usually 
I can see people with wired headsets only if
1)Wired headset was supplied with device by vendor and owner is too lazy 
to buy something else.
2)or owner likes music, bluetooth is not an option here due to lack of 
a2dp support by devices and quite low quality of headsets.

As for me, I will prefer to listen to music on my phone (I'm already do 
and will do in future, that's just convenient).And yes, I will have 
headache with buying 2.5 to 3.5 mm jack converter since handsets with 
2.5 mm jack are pretty low-quality and only suitable for calls (and for 
just calls, bluetooth is more convenient option).

> My estimate is
> much bigger for the second, but it may be pretty much skewed.
> Using an adapter might be an option but not for mainstream (I know,
> the phone is not mainstream).
These adapters are popular up to some degree due to some portable 
devices using 2.5 mm jacks, but still this adds some headache with 
finding such adapter.That's not fair, at least for me.

P.S. but 3.5 mm sockets are bigger than 2.5 mm ones - this may be an 
issue for small portable devices.

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