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Subject: Re: Widgets: Openmoko/Chumby transproject?
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On 24/4/07 8:23 pm, "t3st3r" <t3st3r at mail.ru> wrote:

> Florent THIERY wrote:
> Disclaimer: in no way I'm any official or whatever - I'm just a
> subscriber of this list like you.All following thing is just a my own
> private opinition.Other recipients or officials may feel this in
> slightly another way.
>> As we can see, the neo and the chumby have a lot in common, be it
>> ideas, hardware specs or even leaders ;)
>> Yes, it uses flash7 for widgets. Which has'nt even been considered in
>> the openmoko case... But what if the two projects shared the widget
>> aspect?
> If you're about Macromedia Flash (er, now Adobe), isn't it closed
> source?

There's gnash - www.gnashdev.org

> I'm stated my point of view.Personally, I will never buy "open" phone
> where UI toolkit is heavily based on closed source thing and requiring
> me to buy proprietary Adobe app to create\change UI parts.That's hardly
> in open source spirit.

I do believe there are open source apps to create flash files, however, I'm
no expert on the subject and am too lazy to hunt for links right now :p
maybe someone who's had experience on this side of things could say
something on their quality.

> Also, flash based UIs I seen while looking good
> are quite slow and jerky even on powerful (and power consuming) desktop
> machines so they're hardly usable.Of course this is my own private
> opinition and it is safe to ignore it.

There are some youtube vids of the prototype chumby in action where it
doesn't look too sluggish - it has similar specs to the p1 fic1973, however
it is running an adobe closed source flash player that may be faster than

I personally like the idea of having a ui that is designable by people who
work on websites who have more design skills than the average c haxxor...
Combined with an onboard webserver, one could do some fun things like
transplant the phone's ui to whatever full computer you have handy.

It would be fun to run some chumby things on the fic but I would imagine
*JUST* having a flash ui might be limiting for some projects - as a musician
I would dread using a flash metronome, it would never have the timing of

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