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On 4/27/07, Igor Foox <igorfoox at> wrote:
> I don't know what FIC's plans are for selling the phone through
> mobile providers in the future, but having 'average joe' buy the
> handset from FIC directly is _the_ major barier to wider distribution
> in my opinion. At least in North America, not many 'average joes' buy
> their handset from anyone but the mobile carrier. So if FIC can get
> the phone distributed through carriers, I can easily see them having
> pretty good sales figures. Whether carriers would like to sell an
> open phone is an entirely different story of course...
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As I understood it, FIC has been planning to sell the NEO hardware under
some other OS as well from the very beginning, and that was the model that
the cell providers would probably pick up (it could be an asia only phone
too... they get all the cool toys).

For any of the official guys, do you know if this is still the case?  if so,
how hard is it to re-flash the firmware?

If it's not that hard, and we as the community could work up a real nice,
average joe friendly, step by step howto document(complete with simple steps
on what to do if you break it), we could have a backup distribution channel

...or maybe I've been cramming too much program logic into SQL SP's for the
last 4 hours and I'm just too codeheaded to think straight

Either way, thoughts?

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