Total Control over the phone

kenneth marken k-marken at
Sat Apr 28 03:44:03 CEST 2007

Marco Miani wrote:
> hi everybody
> after lurking from the beginning of this list I have a question :
> Will we have total control over the GSM module?

from what i recall the firmware will interact with the GSM part as if it 
was a modem or something like that. yep, that means those classical AT 

> I recently bought a Motorola Motofone F3 and my carrier ( Vodafone Italy 
> ) called me for a firmware upgrade because the cellphone sends 
> periodically an sms to a UK number, even if the phone is power off.
> Call me paranoid but I don't like a features like this. If my phone is 
> power off, it must be like death .....

given that more and more phones use a soft key like power switch. the 
only way to be 100% sure a phone is "dead" is to yank the battery iirc.

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