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Sat Apr 28 20:10:22 CEST 2007

Hi all =)

i just joined the community and the wiki, i'm willing to help and to be
constructive at the same time, to not repeat myself i just log here what
just happened on #openmoko:

<cga> hi all i want to help with translation (italian) , i added my name on
the wiki page , should i register to any mailing list??? will conversation
about translation go on there?
<_minime> cga, you can join the community-mailinglist, there is a regular
discussion going on
<_minime> cga,
<cga> _minime, thanks , may i add that " you should join the community ml if
you want to talk with othe4r translators" or something likely to the wiki?
<cga> i think is an important notice for newcomers like me
<_minime> hm, i think there was a wiki page concerning this, hang on
<cga> _minime, ok
<_minime> cga,
<cga> minime_, that's exactely where i did add my name and would add the
abovementioned notice

/* some moments later: (sorry xchat don put timestamps in logs): */

<cga> minime, don't you think we should have a specific ml for translators?
(community would be fine for now but i think it should exist one)
<CoreDump|home> the traffic regarding translations on the ML is rather low.
A dedicated ML would be overill at this point IMO
<cga> CoreDump|home, well you are right but it is a good idea to keep for
the future, don't you think? beside there are some contraddiction in the
traslation pages on the wiki. one says "community mailing list" the other
suggest the dev ml as a place for translators. that's why i proposed this
<cga> that are translation and translation howto (in this order)
<CoreDump|home> right
<cga> CoreDump|home, as i was saying to minime , we should add a notice on
thee translation pages on which ml to join (i guess community for now) --
beside the low traffic could be good for creating a translation ml , just
think of "porting" all the previous mail about translation once you have
high traffic.
<cga> sorry if i seem fussy but i like to be construtive
<CoreDump|home> you should post an email w/ your thoughts on the community
<cga> ok
<cga> last but not least (and then i'll go to post it on community): think
of translators that for whatever reason don't want community ml high
traffic, so focusing on translators-ml would be better.
<CoreDump|home> cga: I hear you =)


FYI: i will put this ideas in short on the wiki as well (in the discussions
of the two inherent pages).

Now folks, fire you thoughts =)

Callea Gaetano Andrea
CGA at
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