Anti Iphone (Was Re: Some light ahead...)

Martin Lefkowitz lefko at
Sun Apr 29 20:26:38 CEST 2007

I have an HTC wizard right now branded as cingular that I am running
skype on.  If I remember correctly I downloaded the software off the
skype site for this handset.  Does this mean it's approved or not

Wouldn't it be a problem for the FTC if Cingular didn't approve software
like this because it wouldn't be fair and equitable for that frequency? 
They would need to have some sort of test for certification right?  Or,
is this the difference between licensed and unlicensed

BTW, I just got the Cingular 8125, refurbished, for about $80 with a 2
year contract.  This is the one with Wifi inside -- haveing a computer
in your pocket takes some getting used to.  It will be interesting to
see if Apple can distinguish themselves,  as they have always done, on
the gui.  To make it easy to use as a phone when you need a phone, and
as a featureful computer when that is needed considering the limitations
of the form factor.  That is slightly different than making it just easy
to use.

I predict that the iphone will die early if they keep the software
closed and not have it "read my mind".  However if it is the case that
they make it safer for me to make a phone call on the road, as well as
being a good PDA/computer they may have a chance.

Also you probably wouldn't need myth TV on the Iphone for the reasons
Apple does distinguish themselves as described above.


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> Apple has said they won't allow any third party apps they don't
> approve.  That most likely means no apps Cingular doesn't approve
> also.  You think Cingular is going to allow VOIP apps that reduce the
> money Cingular makes off the phone?  You think I'll be able to get my
> little MythTV remote app approved by Apple?  etc.
> The iPhone hardware may be sweet, but the rest is a nightmare.
> -Steven
> On 4/27/07, Duncan Hudson <openmoko at> wrote:
>>> 4) Relax... you're not going to be able to add features to an iPhone.
>> OSX is unix based, so you and I both know that one will be able to add
>> apps to the iPhone.  We also both know that for it to succeed in the
>> business environment they'll have to allow 3rd party apps.
>> Know that I want nothing more than for this device to succeed, but I
>> truly believe with each slip its success becomes more difficult.  There
>> comes a point in the game when one just has to play the hand that
>> they're holding - whether it's a winning hand or not...
>> Dunc

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