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Mon Apr 30 20:33:19 CEST 2007

On 4/29/07, Martin Lefkowitz <lefko at> wrote:
> I have an HTC wizard right now branded as cingular that I am running
> skype on.  If I remember correctly I downloaded the software off the
> skype site for this handset.  Does this mean it's approved or not
> approved?

With your setup, it's a gray area.  With the iPhone, it is presented
as anything not approved is inherently banned.  You were able to get
the app because that phone is at least slightly open.  The press on
the iPhone makes it seem completely closed.

> Wouldn't it be a problem for the FTC if Cingular didn't approve software
> like this because it wouldn't be fair and equitable for that frequency?
> They would need to have some sort of test for certification right?  Or,
> is this the difference between licensed and unlicensed

802.11b/g/etc. uses 2.4 GHz unlicensed spectrum.  No FTC beyond the
power limits that would be enforced on the manufacturer of the chip.
It's the wifi chip that needs FTC approval, not the software.

> Also you probably wouldn't need myth TV on the Iphone for the reasons
> Apple does distinguish themselves as described above.

I don't understand.  Of course I'll want MythTV on my phone (iPhone or
Neo).  I'm not going to buy Apple TV because I already have MythTV
setup and doing everything I want and more.  I intend, at the very
least, to use my Neo as a remote control for my Myth Box.  I'd also
like to get a simple Myth frontend so that I stream video to the Neo.
That will be harder, but awesome.


> Marty

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