[UI/Graphics] Ever heard of graff ?

Jay Vaughan jay at w1xer.de
Wed Aug 1 07:52:50 CEST 2007

> yep, but svg file or png wouldn't matter in most cases, where image
> size is fixed size.

the benefit for using SVG is of course the ability to design  
extremely rich interfaces ..

> There are arguments that favor SVG, like have one file for multiple
> size and reduce file size footprint, but remember that icons don't
> scale down that well, with 16x16 and even 22x22 requiring special
> versions. Same for > 128, where you can stick more details.

haven't had any problems with scaling since i started using svg as my  
primary interface container ..

> But again, Evas can use rsvg to load images, but it convert as soon  
> as loaded.

i'll be going in the libcairo+librsvg route with neo as soon as i get  
my hands on one ..


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