An idea of sorts

Giles Jones giles.jones at
Wed Aug 1 16:51:18 CEST 2007

On 1 Aug 2007, at 15:36, Rui Castro wrote:

> Hi,
> And what about Telepathy (
> Accordingly to the project summary:
> "The Telepathy project aims to provide a unified framework for all
> forms of real time conversations, including instant messaging, IRC,
> voice calls and video calls. It uses the D-Bus messaging system to
> provide a simple interface for client applications, allowing them to
> quickly benefit from Telepathy's functionality."
> It uses d-bus which is already included in OpenMoko platform
> (
> I'm not an expert in this, but maybe it's a possibility.
> Best regards,
> Rui Castro

The ideas seem fine, doesn't look like there's much of it written  
yet. The ideas can be taken on board but I don't think OpenMoko can  
wait for it to be finished.

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