Anyone, not billed yet?

Jon Radel jon at
Wed Aug 1 18:35:47 CEST 2007

Graham.Williams at wrote:

> Ouch - I had been wondering why my order had not been processed, and yet
> many numbers after my order number (orders >2010) were being processed. I
> responded to the YES_I_DO immediately I received the email. But
> apparently, after I finally got a response from the obviously very busy
> OpenMoko crew, they did not receive my YES_I_DO!!!

Take heart, at least, that you're not alone.  I've just been told that
I've magically drifted to the 2nd batch despite being #1881 and replying
 YES_I_DO within 50 minutes.

Right now I'm trying to get some sense of when the 2nd batch might ship
so as to figure out how that relates to my travel plans....


--Jon Radel
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