700 Mhz Spectrum Auction

Ian Stirling OpenMoko at mauve.plus.com
Thu Aug 2 02:41:37 CEST 2007

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
> "Harrison Metzger"
> <harrisonmetz at gmail.com> writes:
>>I hope everyone will voice their disappointment to the FCC. I just
>>wrote letters to my sen/rep and the FCC (it felt great lol). ...
> I wonder if any pressure can be put on the FCC to reserve some of the
> "public airwaves" for, you know, the public.  The fact that the free
> WIFI spectrum is only large enough to hold 3 non-overlapping channels
> is disgusting.  Here in this part of Fremont, California those
> channels are so overused it is hard to keep a connection for very long
> due to everyone stepping on each other's signals.  Why can't the
> public have free access to a large percentage of the spectrum.  It
> does belong to us right???
> I would like to see the public get access to some prime frequencies
> that aren't attenuated by 10db for every tree that the signal goes
> through.  The old TV 700Mhz spectrum would be ideal in this regard.
The 700MHz spectrum would about cope with one 802.11g equivalent 
data-rate channel.
And exactly what do you think would happen if this was free access, and 
the signals go for longer distances?

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