'Crack'berry Speak

Dean Collins Dean at cognation.net
Thu Aug 2 14:52:16 CEST 2007

I posted this to my blog www.collins.net.pr/blog 


While not entirely on topic I thought some of you may find it funny (or
strike a similar chord) - apologies in advance for anyone whose
sensibilities are shocked at the wording - pure frustration warrants
this course of language.


Something to think about as we are building out the OpenMoko community
and associated applications.



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'Crack'berry Speak

Are you sick of getting 1 or 2 line nonsical replies to your carefully
crafted emails?

You read the reply - and then re-read it to work out what was that
customer/boss/colleague trying to say. I mean didn't he/she read your
comments in the 4th paragraph that explained that question already.

Then you get to the end of the short email to read
"Sent from my BlackBerry(r) wireless device" 

Oh that explains it - the dickhead didn't read my email as much as much
as scanned over it while drinking their iced latte frappucino and
listening to a conference call. And then sent a 'reply all' 2 line
message (with spelling mistakes) to show that they are 'participating'.

Hey dickhead!!! want to do business with me - then better pay attention
to what I say.

Oh and ask your 5 year old how to remove that stupid tag at the end of
your Blackberry emails - it's 2007 already - you're not special because
you own a Blackberry.



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