Starting translation

Balogh Zoltán baloghmail at
Thu Aug 2 22:25:05 CEST 2007

Hi Everyone,

I'm Zoltan Balogh, currently a student of Newcastle University on
Computing Science (BSc, finished stage 1 with first class) and I'm
originally Hungarian. I came across the superb project of OpenMoko and
I'm willing to participate in translating the wiki and some main
applications into Hungarian in my free time. (Programming is not a
question yet, we did Java and I shall need XP in C/C++.)

Sooo first of all I'd like to translate the wiki main pages. How shall
I add a new language and start writing? (Never edited a wiki before.)
How do I add Hungarian into the selectable languages?

Another thing I thought worth mentioning is that the main pages
( / shall be translated into the most common
languages. (Common depending sale expectations.)



PS: If someone would greet a newbie in any of their (programming)
projects and does not mind teaching me shall reply.

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