Import Duty - I have refused my delivery.

Thomas Gstädtner thomas at
Fri Aug 3 14:12:20 CEST 2007

Well, you chose to live in the wrong country (or the wrong continent). You
should know what expects you if YOU IMPORT a device.
This is not the fault of OpenMoko (Inc.).
Also there is no duty on computing devices and mobile phones in the EU - so
I guess you are wrong.
GBP60 sounds like VAT (15.5% in UK), seems you have ordered the basic
device, so this IS VAT, no duty!
VAT is levied by your country, not by FIC/OpenMoko and if you chose to
import you WILL have to pay VAT every time - and the one you import from
doesn't have to find out for you how much it is (as it is charged by the
customs, not by the company).

2007/8/3, David.Prior at <
David.Prior at>:
>  Just thought you all might like to know that OpenMoko shipments are
> attracting import duty in the United Kingdom.
> Despite paying USD104.99 for 'expedited' shipping, my order arrived with a
> demand for GBP57.19 in import duty. This should either be factored into
> the shipping charge or, as these devices are technically 'computer
> peripherals', described as 'computer peripherals' in order that they do not
> attract import duty.
> I have REFUSED my delivery and it is being returned to the depot and,
> presumably, will be returned to sender.
> I either want a new shipment that does not attract import duty *or* I want
> a full refund.
> I know these are developer releases but I would have hoped that OpenMoko
> would have sorted out the international shipping issues properly.
> I'm annoyed!
> David.
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