New looker where to start?

Ian Darwin ian at
Fri Aug 3 17:14:36 CEST 2007

Tim Milliken wrote:
> I am looking into joining in on this project. Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard!

 > I am a windows programmer
> and know almost nothing about Linux. Where should I start? Can anyone 
> give me some starting points on getting started. Like do I have to be 
> running Linux as a host development OS? 

While it is in theory possible to develop on other *NIX-like OSes than 
Linux (such as BSD), I believe it would be a major amount of work. Doing 
so on Windows is probably beyond the capabilities of most individuals.

> I am really lost but very 
> interested in this. I have thought about running Win CE 6.0 sine it is 
> kinda like and opensource, MS now includes the all the source for 6.0.

Really? Allow me to ask a rhetorical question: Where can I download the 
complete source of Wince without paying anything, without signing 
anything and without confirming any license agreement?  If I can't, it 
is not anything like "open source". :-)

Seriously, there is no reason you could not run another OS (like Wince), 
but you should not expect people on this list to divert from what 
they're doing to help you.

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