interesting red flag ui

Brad Midgley bmidgley at
Sat Aug 4 00:12:57 CEST 2007


> Yet another poor iPhone-lookalike. *gape*
> Sorry, but can't see the clones and the original anymore.

If someone has put together a decent scheme for a UI with only a
touchscreen, it should serve as inspiration, not repulsion.
(Multitouch is irrelevant here--we can have an excellent,
well-engineered UI without it)

> Concerning your question: rotating the screen is no problem at all since the
> OM kdrive has xrandr support (xrandr -o 1), but imho the screen is still
> physically too small to allow writing with your fingers on a standard on
> screen keyboard.

I tried it and was surprised that it mostly works. The brushed-metal
background needs to be made wider so it doesn't tile and some apps
need tuning. It's even more obvious the split
list-on-top-details-on-bottom idea is not going to work.

I think a simplified keyboard would just barely fit. The INdT guys
have played around with a correctable edje keyboard

I've heard dasher is good once you practice but I've tried and I don't
have the patience.

> I had another idea, maybe I will be able to show a nice gui in edje

that would be great


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